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Matching Pool

Cost effective dark pool trading

Aquis’ non displayed order books, where members can trade at the midpoint of the Primary Best Bid and Offer (PBBO).

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What is the Aquis Matching Pool?

The Aquis Matching Pool (AMP) is our non-displayed order book, where members can trade in larger size at the midpoint of the Primary best bid & offer (PBBO). The AMP operates under the segment MICs AQXD and AQED for Aquis UK and EU entities respectively, and offers the same stock universe as the Aquis Lit continuous order books.

Why trade on the Matching Pool?

AMP trades are charged at just 0.1bps on the value executed. Members can also save on connectivity fees since their existing Aquis connectivity and trading ports can be used for AMP.

Key features

Execute at midpoint

Members can trade at the midpoint of the PBBO. The ability to add limits to 'peg to mid' orders gives members control over the price at which orders can execute.

Choice of order validity

Day orders execute immediately if contra liquidity is found, or rest on the book until a matching opposing order is submitted. Immediate or Cancel (IOC) orders cancel unless the order can be fully or partially filled immediately.

Support for minimum execution size

Members can specify an MES, where the order(s) will only execute if an opposing order meets the requested size in one fill.

Support for ‘large in scale’ only

Option for members' Large In Scale (LIS) orders to only execute against other LIS orders.

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